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If you are not losing weight as you would like, take off an extra 100-200 calories per day.Callie, The nutrition plan in Insanity is very cut and dried.July 21, 2011 Insanity Meal Plan Book. I also have an Excel spreadsheet that I use,.Originally my friend Angelica and I were going to do it and push and encourage each other to keep moving, but now we have a group 5 counting myself.

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We are doing all the discs in order, but end up with our free day in the middle of the week of workouts.

And you will burn a lot of calories with the Insanity workouts.Had great success with the weight loss, and by August, had moved on to Power 90 Masters.

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I would do as many regular pushups as you can, then finish on your knees.Nvysubwf, that is awesome, you can do anything you set your mind to.I am eating the 5 meals a day but have trouble eating the whole meal that the guide gives to me.

Going to Cancun for vacation in Aug. and I want my body from college to go with me.Consult page 5 of the 21 Day Fix EXTREME EATING PLAN to see how many portions of each container you should eat for.If motivation is a problem now, the workouts will be even harder than they already are.

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Let me know if you find anything different before i start shoveling 2900 calories into my body.Jessica, Make sure you eat clean, and your results will come even faster.I think you should look at the options at this link, and consider that one as your next program.

Aneta, It goes without saying that the safest approach would be to consult with your doctor FIRST before anything else.

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My family eats healthy in general but definately not to the degree laid out in this plan.Insanity Nutrition Plan for the Vegetarian. Insanity Meal Plan Book. I also have an Excel spreadsheet that I use,.Had dabbled in P90X and finally decided to try to go a full round beginning in April of this year.

Shade, with Insanity you get a workout calendar and nutrition guide.

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The following grocery list template will help you create a healthy grocery list before you go shopping.A meal plan is a guide to help you plan daily meals and snacks.Hi, Just wanted to say that I started Insanity yesterday with a friend.A lot of times you do get some water retention and muscle swelling.My advice would be to grab Insanity, and follow the program, it will definitely help you get a flatter stomach.

Eating healthy is ok, but not a strict, strict diet, will that be ok.I printed the calendar above and marked off each day that I completed.You have to be super strict on your nutrition, and you need to make sure you have your calories right.And are there alterior suggestions for some of the moves for those of us with issues.

Beachbody Meal Planner Review. After signing up, I used the meal planner to get my CUSTOMIZED meal plan,.Does someone know where my assistant might locate a template.

I am a mother of 6 (if you dont count my husband lol) a few with alergies that require special diets of their own and in the past it has been absolutley impossible to stick to a seperate diet for myself.This is a 63 page journal with an Insanity meal plan and schedule.You should see that you can push harder, and workout harder, so the workout will still be intense.

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Have you ever thought of incorporating Beachbody into your local bootcamp.

Once it arrives, you can figure out your calories, and select your meals.There are are some other other programs that are not as demanding.

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Is it certain DVDs that I can work on that pertain to my abs only without doing the entirety workout.The most important thing is that you get a schedule that works great for you.I like to give 100% effort in the workout, and then let the body recover, then go hard again on the following day etc.

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